Small Unmanned Aerial System or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operators (sUAS/UAV) are part of a growing industry all around the world.  This industry is in a unique phase at this point in time.  The sUAS operators flying under the FAA Section 333 are following a set of regulations that follow closely to FAR's that many Pilots have followed for years.  

I have been fortunate enough to work with a great group of flight instructors the last couple of years to receive not only a Private Pilots License but also an IFR rating with and endorsement for Complex Aircraft and a Mountain Flying course.  I am currently studying to receive a Commercial Pilots License to further all understandings of flight.  These courses prepared me to be able to read sectional charts, talk with ATC, follow FAA regulations, understand Aviation weather and how to keep a safe environment.

Fly with Kimmel Enterprises and you will have a Professional Pilot that has created highly viewed footage that fits our clients needs. Our list of Certified Pilots will always fit your needs.

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Safety is a priority. I always fly as if my family is with me in the plane or around the Drone

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